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The New SAT tests quite a few grammar rules.  The first rule to remember is the Subject – Verb agreement rule. This is the most basic rule and can be counted among  the basic but vital rules/concepts tested on the SAT.

Rule 1: The subject and verb must agree in number.

For example:

Tony likes to drink coffee.

Tony and Mike like to play football.

In the first sentence, we have a singular subject ‘Tony’ that agrees with the verb ‘likes.’

The second sentence has a compound subject which is plural, so the verb is like (without an ‘S’ and so also plural)

Let’s consider the following sentence:

Everyone believes that their way of doing things is best.

The above sentence actually does not sound bizarre; however, in the test we must follow the rules because the words such as everyone, anyone, everybody, anybody and each are singular. These are cases when we address individuals in a group. Hence, in the above example, the pronoun ‘their’, which is plural, does not agree with the singular subject ‘everyone.’

The correct sentence would look like this:

Everyone believes that his or her way of doing things is best.

So, you need to remember to use the rules and not your ears to find the mistake in the writing section of the New Sat.

Rule 2: Subject and verb can be separated by a phrase, clause or a modifier.

The punctuation rule in this case is to use commas or dashes on either side of the phrase or modifier.

Look at the example below:

Tony, who is from Russia, likes to drink coffee.

In the above sentence, the extra or additional piece of information between the commas is the modifier. ‘Tony’ is the subject and ‘likes’ is the verb in the sentence. Therefore, when you read a sentence, remember to pick out the subject and the verb to figure out the error in the sentence.

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December 14, 2016

Tips for Evidence Based Writing Section of the NEW SAT

The New SAT tests quite a few grammar rules.  The first rule to remember is the Subject – Verb agreement rule. This is the most basic […]