• Group Courses now open for August 24th 2024 and October 5th  2024 FOR SAT !  -----> Saturdays and Sunday  ----> BATCH-A AT 9:30 am – 11:30 am  ----> BATCH-B AT 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm ----> BATCH-C AT 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm  >>> Private Courses also available on Weekdays and Weekends!


With a long and successful tenure in training, it is not surprising that Option Dubai has been recognized by its clients as a reliable partner and a brilliant state-of-the-art platform. Option has devised course plans aimed at helping students accomplish their goals of securing high scores and getting admission to top colleges of their preference. All courses are planned to ensure optimum participation of students and the study material is specially designed to guarantee better preparation in less time.

Every student has special areas of expertise and of weakness; trainers at Option help you recognize your skills and weak spots and work with you to master the content and to achieve the optimum from practical, result-oriented teaching.

Option well understands the importance of building each student’s profile to make it competitive for college admission. In pursuance of this goal, Option has brought together a team of highly qualified trainers and counsellors who contribute richly to each student’s grooming. We offer well-planned and very flexible courses for SAT, ACT, AP, UCAT, and LNAT.

Interestingly, to make our services available very early in a student’s academic journey, we have introduced SSAT classes in which coaching starts as early as in grade 8! This is but one manifestation of Option’s innovative and dynamic nature!

Adieu to another year -2023. A year that bought with it major changes in 2 tests –the SAT and the GMAT. For a training institute, an over-haul of a test means many things – new resources, upgraded infrastructure, dynamic trainers to take on the ‘new’ content, and, of course, the anxiety about how students/learners will take to the change. So, in a way, 2023 turned out to be a super active year (more so after the pace of the preceding COVID years!). The SAT changed from the March 2023 test date, ushering in 6 subsequent SAT tests through the year, with virtually a marathon run of tests in a sequence – August, October, November, and December! As I pen this piece, I feel euphoric and yet humbled by the amazing December 2023

SAT results (that started rolling in at 4 pm today) and the heartening Early Decision outcomes that US schools sent out earlier this morning! This note has two purposes: one, to share the statistics of the Digital SAT results for the entire year (click on this link to see them) and two, to thank the parents who selected Option to mentor their children for the DSAT and to thank all the wonderful students we got to groom! As for the GMAT, the good old test finally went in for a complete overhaul in the second half of 2023. As always, Option took up the challenge, running groups and private courses for both the old and the new versions of the test before phasing out the old one. Innovatively, we came up with a PRIVATE COURSE prep plan that was relevant to the shorter and more contained ‘new’ GMAT FOCUS. Students can now look forward to getting ready for the FOCUS in a couple of weeks, something the old, long and bulky GMAT would not allow! With the start of 2024, we look forward to starting the typical weekend GROUP COURSE for the FOCUS test prep! In sum, 2023 came with challenges, but is leaving with a sense of achievement, peace and great prospects for another year ahead! Wish everyone a great Year ahead!