June 20, 2016
Mathematics on SAT II
August 20, 2016

The essay on the New SAT may not be the Herculean task that aspiring test-takers envisage it to be, if certain important rubrics are kept in mind during the preparation for the test. The essay aims to test candidates in three important areas; namely, Reading, Analysis and Writing.

The Reading component of the essay aims to gauge a candidate’s ability to demonstrate effective comprehension of the source text and competence in delineating the thesis statement or the main idea of the text, most important details and how the ideas expressed in each successive paragraph link with the main idea of the text to form a coherent whole. The response should be free of any errors related to fact or interpretation of the text.

The Analysis component of the essay is designed to judge a candidate’s dexterity in presenting a perceptive and an astute analysis of the source text. The response should depict a thorough, sophisticated, nuanced and an insightful analysis of the source text with a clever and careful evaluation of the author’s use of reasoning, language, anecdotes, argumentation, evidence, stylistic and persuasive elements.

The Writing component of the essay is designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to write in clear, grammatically consistent and cohesive prose and which is not replete with errors. The tone of the essay should be formal with objectivity being maintained throughout. There should be smooth progression in the ideas expressed in each successive paragraph with no repetition of points or language. The essay should have a clear introduction followed by the body of the essay and a conclusion.

Topics can range from “Human Trafficking” to “Globalization” to the “Habits of Nocturnal Animals”; therefore healthy and eclectic reading habits will take you a long way in scoring a perfect six on the essay and enabling you to achieve your goal of gaining admission in your dream school!

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