Because each student goes through a 6 -step process with us, there is no error in the entire exercise of training with us


Make the most of the great counselling we provide. You could be in for a surprise when you visit us and meet our counsellors! Even half-baked plans will take a concrete shape after you have engaged in a session with us. The counsellor will listen intently to your requirements and then draw up you a study plan that eliminates pressure.

  •   Call and book a planning session. This could change your whole perception of the SAT, ACT, AP, UCAT, and LNAT
  •    Once the session with the counsellor is done,  we will enrol you and set the ball rolling! You will be asked to take a diagnostic test, collect your books and timetable and meet your trainers.
  •    Part of the counselling is to help you select the right course plan from our platter of courses!

(1) Long course- Group: This course is planned for 8 to 10 weeks and is offered both on weekdays and weekends. It is a slow–paced course with two 2-hour classes per week.

(2) Intensive Course- Group: This course is for those who have the passion to train but need to do a shorter duration of training that covers the entire training requirements. The course requires students to attend with 2 groups per week – four 2-hour sessions per week! This way the course is covered in 5 weeks without needing you to compromise on content!

(3) Long course –Personalized: This is a 16 -20 session course over 8 -10 weeks. Depending on the availability of the trainers, the course allows students to select sessions on weekdays and/or weekends. The recommended pace is two 90-minute sessions per week.

(4) Intensive Course –Personalized: This course is planned over 12 sessions in 3 to 4 weeks. So the usual pace of the program is 3 or 4 sessions per week. Since the sessions are one-to-one training, trainers are able to derive the optimum by planning content as per the student’s level/skill set.

(5) Early Starter Course: Start young! Students as young as those in grade 8 are fit to be in our classes! Imagine the lead a student gains by starting SSAT prep so early! The benefits are endless: over time skill building in both English and Math, augmentation of school curriculum English and Math and the prospects of a record-breaking SAT score finally!

(6) Mock Test Series: For students who have not trained with us but who need to do mock tests before the final test date, we have the mock series! Students can select to do a set of 4 or 8 mock tests at our premises in real test conditions. These tests are evaluated and the scores are mailed to the student.